Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.20.13: Gearheads Talk Auto Mechanics & How to Trust a Garage, SeeBees, Car VS Book Geeks, Tactical Shooter Training for Home Defense, The Low-Information Apocalypse, Scientologists, Bad Behavior @ the IRS, Plus Deadbolt & The Graveyard Farmers

Ultra topic Garage Hour: how to pick, know, and trust the people who keep your car on the road (and how to know you're being screwed).  Everything comes across the bench, from how to identify an honest wrench to avoiding being treated like a girl when seeking auto repair, plus a few insightful car-care tricks and the importance of getting a second opinion.

Because Garage Hour (duhhh), the show also deep-dives the same itches you like to scratch: IRS illegitimacy, kill-house versus range shooting, how progressivism is next to communism, NASA history, barn finds in old houses, the creeping fungus that is Scientology, detailing Crag's Model T, a few more well-targeted shots at the Bret Stalbaum's nauseating gun-tracking app, and a happy dose of good old fashioned rockabilly.

Matt Klier, Lead Instructor @ Active Shooter Defense School, who also happens to be an ASE-certified mechanic, joins Agent Aya, Crag Maxwell (of Maxwell's House of Books in downtown La Mesa, CA) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on this excellent episode of Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

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