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07.26.14: Top Sci-Fi Movies (From Serenity to Black Hole) and Railgun Science-Fact w/ US Navy, Plus Sci-Fi VS Near-Fi (and More Movie Rules)

The Garage Hour's sci-fi special: all of the best movies, including Star Wars and Star Trek, the Fifth Element and District 9, Dune and 2001, Blade Runner and Logan's Run, plus dozens more - everything we could think of (including some of the bad ones).  There's also a pile of rules about what's sci-fi and what's not, what's good and what couldn't be, as well as why any movie with Tom Cruise is disqualified unless his character dies repeately.

The Garage Hour goons (including SuperMeg and .45 Phil), were joined in the studio by Mike from Barritus Brewery (dedicated to helping returning warfighters find jobs) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

This episode also helps grow the Garage Hour's long-running love affair with railguns, as the Justin Fort interviews Commander Jason Fox of the US Navy, who's in charge of their growing (and now prototyping!) railgun program.  Cmdr. Fox is a gearhead like the rest of us (though he might not realize it yet), and he shares lots of good details and tech behind the lug-slinging beast now on the back of the USS Millinocket in San Diego Bay (and then tells us what other groovy railgun details are still classified - nuts).


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