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The Garage Hour goons got our fancy canyon carving nasties a little dirty on a fuuuuuun run over Independence Pass (lousy stupid mountain cloudbursts), so it’s time for car cleaning.  How about some technique you might not know from the detailing experts (referring to us - hilarious)?

Here’s the what: keeping metal cool and wet, cold water versus glass, pre-washing, two buckets (and two sponges?), detailing with detailer, thumbnail tricks, clar bars, cotton and microfiber towels, car-care chemicals, wheel brushes, tool prep, hang-drying, air and water drying, specialized cleaners for special surfaces, and using good products like Mother’s, Griot’s and E.C.P. ( as well as their detail guides).

More: Worschestirerer sauce, fresh O.J. (now that he’s out of prison), plus Truckfighters, Quicksilver Loom, Yes, Faust & Shortee, Soundgarden, Tomohawk, and Massive Attack.

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