Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.03.13: How You Drive & What It Says About You, Traffic Carma, Boxer VS Fighter, Fast Guy Training, Good Stereotypes and Bad Politics, Plus Leftist Tool Brett Stalbaum

Another one of the Garage Hour's traffic-psychology spectaculars...  Agent Aya and a medicated Dirty Dave join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to dig into what your driving says about you, and how your treatment of those around you (and yourself) in traffic is about an open a book as there can be regarding your mental state.

There's also a big pile of rock and roll (Clutch and Man or Astro-Man), carma (:)), boxers versus fighters, Justin versus Grizzly Chris, Admiral Ackbar, and Agent Aya's evolving road-race skillset and Justin's tutorship of said show's pet KGB operator.  Manzanita beers, politics (thus the beer), and liberal versus libertarian rear their heads too...  The Garage Hour goons also go after the creater of the "Geo Gun Marker" app, what's creator, Brett Stalbaum of UCSD, wants to be a way for people to publicly label "bad gun places" on the web...  Yes, it's as stupid and unconstitutional and Orwellian as it sounds, and the gearheads give him the what-for, just for you (and reveal places that Brett likes to eat, just so you can say "Hi").

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