Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Join the Garage Hour goons and say “Hail No!” to your cars and trucks looking like you left them parked at the receiving end of a driving range.  Jus because it’s summer and you live in a town that’s prone to the big icy agony-inducing airborne projectiles known as HAIL doesn’t mean you have to live with dents and dings and the sneering sideways glances from your dentless neighbors.  We’ve got ideas and solutions: homemade, inexpensive, effective, available, inflatable, hand-me-down and hard to assemble.  Also, this episode’s got OE recalls (F-150 e-brakes engaging when they feel like it), Porsche insulting Christianity but pretending days of editing was an “error”, the E.P.A. approving additives for gas that cause cancer in EVERYTHING (government isn’t on your side), and why Ohio and Indiana letting HAL 9000 drive their semis.

...And sorry about the delayed upload - too much to-doing in Earning a Livingland.

More:  Rev. Heat versus Liberace, barn haters, baloney sandwiches, and gambling with music (like Horton Heat, A.F.I., Ministry, Wellwater Conspiracy, Metallica, Sugar Ray, Living Colour, Luscious Jackson and 16-Volt).

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