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08.08.09: Classic! GH's Cash for Clunkers Exposé (Bad Gov, Bad Biz & Bad Math), Lambo Crashing, NASCAR @ Watkins Glen, NHRA @ Barona, Saleen VS Saleen, Porsche VS Volkswagen, Plus Innertubepalooza & Dr. Craw

Untested host Justin Fort tried one of his rare solo appearances for this Garage Hour, completing an hourlong rant aimed at one of Barry O's first failures, the Cash for Clunkers program (which succeeded in very little beyond taking away good used cars from people who needed them).

Between heady tirades about bad government, bad unions, bad deals for taxpayers and bad Clunkers math, this early Garage Hour also contains early Boris Said and road-racer worship, early emasculation of bankrupting fool Steve Saleen, early promos for Barona dragstrip, and early on-air fail and car crash humor for the Lambo flag in your life.

Try one on - Garage Hours don't get much earlier than this.

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