Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.09.14: Curvy Roads in San Diego, Off-Road Adventures in Mammoth (and Shouts Out), Getting Newbies Involved, Toyota Truck Part Mods, Circle Track Racing, Operators Shootin', Fox VS Speedvision, and Tilting (Angrily) at Windmills

Ahhh, that's the stuff - start at cars and trucks (canyon carving in San Diego, serious trail time in Mammoth) and get lost immediately in the shooting sports, windmills killing birds and bats by the thousands, dirt track racing (and trailer racing), the LAPD VS ganstas VS Rampart VS the LA riots, DUIs (not for we), great A-movies and B-movies (redux), drive-throughs, and Toyota lockers and axles and roll bars and spindles and brakes and ratios (oh my).

Aaaaaand because it's the Garage Hour, we promise - there's beers too, plus our howdies to people we meet on our adventures (Mammoth Brewing and Carlsbad Jeeper Guy).  In-studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is .45 Phil (27-year Marine and Master Guns) and Seth "Metal" (guitar instructor and off-roader), plus Sort'a Silent Craig and Seriously Silent Misty.


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