Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

...Got a lot of respect for Darwin’s capability to wipe out bad batches of genes from the people stew that is humanity, but let’s stop making kids in hot cars take the brunt of it.  Meanwhile, back at the garage, how about some gearhead civil disobedience?  You’re no pepperoni-armed hipster antifa weenie, so keep it non-destrictive like MLK Jr. said we should.  Plate cams, robot cars and bad bureaucracy are a great place to start: unplug something; cover something; aim something at a wall; drop a traffic cone in front of something - show how bad or stupid or insidious something is without destroying it.

More goodness:  Funyons versus coffee, Hillary’s SoCal fail (less rain than January), IRS agents with guns, new homes on old mines (wicked ultra KAPOW, folks), Bud versus Busch, Maui’s firebug problem, electric busses go bankrupt because they only do politics, and another electric F-150 function flop.

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