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08.14.10: Classic! Pranks for Gearheads, Off-Roady FJs, Drifting HMMTs & Work Vans, Progressive Politicians Running Over Bikers, Engine Swaps, Miatas @ Midwest, In-Flight Freakouts, Snatch VS Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, & A Warning About Your Belt

A big pile of Garage Hour jackassery right here: off-roading, our friends at Off-Road.com and FJs for fun and breakage, messing with cars to make a point without damaging them, folks freaking out mid-flight and what you should do about it, how not to nut yourself with your own belt, a sorry progressive politician in Wisconsin named Fred Clarke and why he ran over a bicyclist, plus Miatas, drifiting military equipment and work vans, soccer players, Garage Hour letters, tracks and videos for gearheads, and hanging out with the ricers.

It's gearhead.

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