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08.15.09: Classic! Clunker Program Logic FAIL, Shovel-Head Drifter (So 'Jersey!), Puking Down Rainer, Chuck Dempsey on Goodyears & Desert-Race Goodness, Barona Drags Funny Car Nights, + Liver Patrol @ Jack Murphy

Raise deflector sacrasm!  It's a classic Garage Hour.  There are serious issues to bring to the light of day, such as the Kardashian administration's ongoing Cash for Clunkers program fails (destroy a perfectly good car and/or truck lately?) the pending fails powering electric car manufacturers and their government stilts, and the hosts' pending partying at Qualcomm… ahem! Jack Murphy Stadium pre-Chargers fail.

The Garage Hour goons also reach deep into Hostus Maximus's bag of great race-team relationships (no, not the people with the shouting, the people with the racing) for an interview with Goodyear-shod Chuck Dempsey.  Chuck, Justin and cohost Grizzly Chris talk about the 860hp Speed Technologies Class One buggy, Trophy Truck (hey, we've got to put that 6000lbs somewhere), Pro 2 (it's cheaper to crash) and Super Light (it's cheaper to race), Best in the Desert (BITD), Southern California Off-Road Experience (SCORE), and take time to take a shot at Carl "Big Shoulders" Rentedzeder…  Renezedder…  Rentalcenter…  Whatever, the rich guy who crashes everyone.

It's the Garage Hour, however, so you can depend on them to as big life-questions too, such how awesome District 9 was, whether Kalifornistan's on fire again, how to puke so much you can't climb Mt. Rainer, as whether Morgan Freeman can be a ninja in a suit, why Admiral Ackbar has potential as a president (and a cereal called Ackbar Flakes), why that big-hair New Hersey-lookin' muscledude with the tire-smoking '69ish Mustang Fastback is hitting himself with a shovel, and how to answer a rhetorical question with a rhetorical answer.

If you'd like to listen to the MP3 version of this episode, just search this show date with "MP3" in the title.

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