Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.16.14: Good Mechanics, Bad Politics, Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Accident, Cruise Missile Diplomacy, Cleaning K&Ns, Beer Growlers, Tesla's Infinity Warranty, Republican VS Conservatives Contenders, and Appliance Repair

Want war? Auto racing? Mechanics? Exploding Teslas? Appliance repair? How about beer, or the vodka-swilling troll from under the bridge?  K&N Filters?  Growlers? Conservatives VS Republicans?  This Garage Hour's got it all.

.45 Phil and Scarecrow join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for two hours of a killer romp through all the gearhead adventure you can take, including a serious discussion of the Justin Fort's ongoing development of the "Cruise Missile Diplomacy" theory of international affairs, a gentle conversation about Tony Stewart's awful sprint-car incident with Kevin Ward Jr., how to recognize a good mechanic (and not be taken for a ride by bad ones and fraudsters), plus Tesla's new attempt to put growing warranty fears to rest with the "infinite-mile" warranty (paid for by Elon Musk's ego).

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