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08.17.13: Attack of the Board Ops! 100%-Everything, with Check-Engine Lights, the Bear Patrol, Mad Max, Tanks, Failner, Nickname Origins, Celeb Bashing and Honda in F1

This is what happens when you let the guys who usually operate the show take over the mic...  With a 100%-everything list of gearhead topics, from international racing, local politics, the idiots in movies, the idiots in the real world, the shame that is a remake of Mad Max (some movies are too perfect - leave 'em alone), and Mr. Rogers VS the Frugal Gourmet guy, we set every trap and the board ops fall in every one.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and retrohost Dirty Dave let alllllll of the old Garage Hour board ops into the studio, from Cameron "Scacrow" Bradna, Daniel "Barrister" Hilton, Paul "Snaggletooth" Drivas, Todd "Missing Man" James to Nick "The Trick" Lane, and they proceed to demonstrate to the world why they belong on the other side of the glass.  Grab this podcast and prepare to thank your lucky stars for on-air talent.


PS>  Special thanks to Missing Man for cooking up this episode's promo poster.

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