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08.17.16: Helix's One-Year Spectacular! Burning Beard & Helix Brewing On-Air: It's All Beer - Mosaicoholic, Stoner Moment, Circle of Wet Hops, Mouth Feel VS Girth, Taste VS Texture, CD VS Tape, + Mastodon, Zep, Psychotic Waltz & Good Jukebox

Now that's a Garage Hour - all beer, all the time (well, there was some rock & roll too, but we know you like it).  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort brings beer friends (and fine brewers in their own right) Mike "Underinsured" Maass and Jeff "Flex" Weideker of Burning Beard Brewing (burningbeardbrewing.com) to Helix Brewing in lovely, scenic, unmolested industrial La Mesa, where they're joined by the brain behind (and in front of) this up-and-coming brewer, Cameron "Deep" Ball (drinkhelix.com).

Together, the gearhead brain trust reassembles like a buzzed Autobot and talks Helix's first-year celebration and the custom sauce they'll have on tap, the science of beer, the good stuff that goes into it, how to avoid kersploding a keg line all over the walk-in, beer sap, brewing with barrels, and the business of beer in the second-world vulture taxation trainwreck that is Kalifornistan.

Where to start?  Helix had just released their second batch of Mosaicoholic ("Moe's Tavern?"), this on the heels of the wildly popular Stoner Moment (it's got real stoner in it), and we taste both to discover that if you know what you're doing, too much hop might be just right.  Ask Cameron, if you can find him.  There's also talk of kegging and tanking and a litany of fun brewery moments that you only get when you gather the locals who are making a living of brewing beer.  Mike and Jeff from 'The Beard also get a chance to chat up their freshly wet-hopped Circle of Wet Hops ale, which is to be followed (they assured us) by the second round of Rye the Lightning.

While we're at it, who doesn't like to have tracks playing with a good sip?  Yeah, no one, so we also discuss what rock we're rolling at the time - anywhere from Cameron's reggae to Mike's Mastodon and Jeff's pursuit of local progressive hitters Psychotic Waltz, bookended by Justin's affinity for Led Zeppelin and disdain for the Peppers.

Don't let the underinsurance worry you - this is pure Garage Hour.  Indegenerate or offensive, but never boring.

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