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08.18.12 (MP3): Flaming Fiskers, Hot & Humid VS HWY Stupid, V8-Zeta, Daytona & Rolex Prototypes VS Diesel, Gov't Motors VS 'Vette Design, Red Bull F1 VS Lincoln Tunnel, Cop Armor VS Cop Donuts, + 9mm VS .45 ACP & Mayor Filner VS Madrid?

What'cha like?  Some road racing like the production and prototypes at Circuit Giles Villeneuve in Canada?  How about the return of GM's good ideas with the rebirth of the G8 (or another GM fail with our analysis of the new 'Vette?)?  Want some news on self-immolating Fisker Karmas, and should they have stuck with making scissors?

It's the Garage Hour - we've got that, plus puking politicians, catfish-faced mayors, tales of pinkos from the Obammunists in office.  This episode also has what cruisers cops prefer (and a little insight on why), some thoughts on how to make your crappy cars all run (just sell your nice ones), why Charlie Sheen is doing ads for Alfa, and what damage has been done by the gub'ment's heavy foot on the neck of the new Corvette's designers.  After that, it's all tupperware jokes, what handgun goes best with skinny jeans, and why Miatas run too hot.

If you'd like an M4A version of this podcast, just search for the same date without the "MP3" tag.

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