Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.20.16: Beers & Bond! Best Bad Guys & Best Bonds, Local Beers & Awful Aliens, Skully Art, Two-Sided Boxes, Rio Fails, Deadbolt Threats, Bond Cars, Bond Chases, Bond Quotes & Sherif JW Pepper

Do you like beer?  Do you like Bond?  Well, then this is your favorite episode of the Garage Hour and you haven't even listened yet.  Skully/lowbrow/Day-Dead artist Dave Lozeau and Garage Hour host and gearhead savant Justin Fort team up in the Lozeau studios to take an X-Acto knife to James Bond movies across the ages, all of it powered by local beers.

What's on tap?  Bond's Lotus and Bond's Citroen, the brutality of Sean Connery versus the femininity of Daniel Craig, why Roger Moore was the best Bond, why Pierce Brosnahan missed the mark, Bond misogyny versus bad women, and the movie-stealing genius that was Sheriff JW Pepper.  Oh yeah, plus Jaws, Jaws, Jaws, Octopussy, Blofeld, Stromberg, A View to a Kill, Walken, Kronstein, From Russia With Love, Diamonds are Forever, Mr. Winn and Mr. Kidd, the voodoo guy, For Your Eyes Only, Skyfall, Yaphet Kotto, Man with the Golden Gun, Christopher Lee (ala Scaramanga), The Spy who Loved Me, and Live and Let Die.  There's also beer:  Helix's RNA red, Wavelength's hibiscus red, Cali Creamin' and the Creamin' black & tan, and Garage Brewing's Orange Vanilla Creme Ale.

Shaken into the mix are trick toes, gearhead art, Miami Vice (how about a Miami Vice episode?), X-Acto knives (duhh), apricots (don't put them in tanks), aliens, Ripley (dog or alien), Deadbolt (because rockabilly), black licorice, tactical training with Matt Klier at ASDS (because home-defense awesomeness), and more bad transitions than you can shake a paper silhouette at.

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