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08.23.14: Lot'sa Guns and Lot'sa Bad Driving, Springfield Armory History, Cooking 100,000 Birds, Shooting Improvements (In the Foot), Oktoberfest Planning, and More Scary CA Gun Laws

Ahhhh, the Garage Hour.  Nothing but everything gearhead, with guest cohost Randy from Springfield Armory in the studio to correct all our firearms misconceptions.  Starting from Go, the Garage Hour goons go round and round with new ammo laws, old rifles, new DUIs and old reasons to wear your freakin' seatbelt.

Joining Randy and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the KCBQ studio are none other than .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night, and Mike from Barritus Brewery, which is 100% warfighter-operated.  Beyond the basics, they also tackle the obscene numbers of birds being destroyed by solar plants around the US (as well as Mike's time playing center for the Ducks with Dan Fouts' hand on his butt).  Of course, the saga of Ben Hueso's DUI is just getting started, but hey, he's a Democrat politician - no one expects him to follow the law.  Then the guys (ironically, with faces for radio) dive back into their unending ugly rocker rant, this time worshipping COC's Pepper Keenan's guitaring ability while lamenting his general appearance.  Shortly thereafter, they pause to lament Justin's shooting appearance.

Oh well - not everyone belongs on TV (including a lot of people on TV).  See you next week.

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