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Been slackin'!  Garage Hour's got too much on its plate, and we're chewing like mad to get back to you - in as-soon-as-it's-fixed gearhead time.  We've got some goodness for you here: more left-turn-on-green intersection violence (somebody's up to something) and a revisitation of Asimov's rules (technology's not on your side), speaker repair fun (geeks don't chuck it, they fix it), and how Ford's ruining decades of reputation by calling a failing electric pickup by a classic nameplate (hints of Mustang, anyone?). ...Then we liked this picture:

There's also some bits - revisiting the Lexus LFA and fat Porsches, a guy eating chips while he Subies, Charles Bronson, plus the Rev (Heat), Masters of Reality, Megadeth, Puny Human, Whoregasm, Mindbomb and the Space Truckers.

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