Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Drive over the lawn, bust down the fence, toss the barricade in the ditch, ‘froad the road less travelled, or just go the “wrong” way - it’s not the climate that’s going to ruin your day, it’s the fire started by bad behavior (intentional or incompetent) storming around the corner or your neighbor’s bungalow that you need to flee.  Lots of bad stuff happened in the Maui firestorm, but good lessons are never too early to be learned, and the Gearhead Consultancy is here to help - turns out your natural distrust of government, bureaucrats, elected libtards and watermelon environmentalists is well placed.

Yes, you’re correct - it’s a little soon for this chat - but it’s never too soon to be prepared for the next one, and not knowing when that is, let’s take this opportunity to toughen up and avoid a repeat.  Because, in the end, your survival is your business.

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