Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
08.31.13: CA Gun Laws, CA Traffic, Marines and Their Shotguns, Fletch, Old Rockers (Ugly!), Windmill Poison, Scary Progressives, Muggers VS Rugby Guys

This one's an educational show: we learn about the gun-banning laws and regulations being pushed by the deliriously nutty progressive freakshow called the state of CA (some in the dead of night), and how those laws are going to make you suffer (if you're lucky) or instantly turn you into a criminal.

Eryk from Cal Guns (.net), .45 Phil and host Justin Fort explore everything from the laws, the bad behavior and backroom deals necessary to sneak some of the scarier laws through, and how the groundless (and often feckless) regulatory actions will affect regular Californians - and not just Californians who like the Second Amendment.

This is big AM talk, after all, so the gearhead goons of the Garage Hour also take some shots at CA traffic, CA politicians, Marines, shotguns, old actors and old metal artists, and makers VS takers.  There's also a sporty tale of two rugby guys pounding on some muggers, which makes everyone feel good (except the muggers...).


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