Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
09.07.13: Lock the Hatch! Tanks & Bumpers & Chuck Norris & Earth Sounds, Firefly VS Farscape, Dimension Rubbing, Monster Magnet, St. Vitus, Scooby, Yeti, and Israel VS the World, w/ Special Guest Tony Sawaya

Another screaming gearhead radio freakout from Hank Watson's Garage Hour's Industrial Incentive Division, with a studio full of all sorts of geeksauce spectacularity.

This is one of those episodes - everything from tanks hatches (and the birth of the saying "Lock the hatch!"), bumpers (they're for bumping), geek VS nerd, dimension rubbing, railguns and capacitors, zombie shows, sci-fi, real-sci (ever heard of "earth sounds"?), epic villain Scorpio, and the introduction of new cohost Husband Guy and epic show advertiser Tony, of Tony's Lube & Tune in San Diego.

It's not just geek stuff, though: we've got thunderboats, Mr. Dustin's Evolution ("Slimer"), shopping for SRXs, Mini suspsensions, flying tanks, mmore railguns, battleships and a little bit of international politics.  Agent Aya, Eryk from CalGuns and SuperMeg join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio.

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