Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

This is the inaugural Garage Hour Dude Food Chili Showoff, live from Protector Brewery.  This is also gearhead awesomeness.

#1:  Do you like chili?  We made four.  Ruben from Smoke 'N Aces' watermelon chili beat Chef Jeff's pork cushion chili verde for "People's Choice" by one vote.  Mr. G's salsa and two-bean chili and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's two-meat chilis were popular, but could not measure up to the professional chefs.

#2:  Do you remember where you were on 9/11?  We take a serious moment for reflections on where we were, why we re-enlisted, how we felt and how many Tomcats we scrambled on 9/11.

#3:  Do you want your multibillion-dollar car company to be headed by a pot-smoking vampire?  We debate Elon "Caligula" Musk and his progress in circling the drain.

Because we're awesome, that ain't all, folks.  Direct from Pizza-Wrench Monkey Oven Brewing, there's also halal VS anti-halal chili, why 3-D printed guns are a First Amendment before they're a Second Amendment issue, and sorry about the delayed upload - server issues.

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