Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

We warned you - the Gearhead Consultancy is all about paying attention (because geek!), and this uberule applies to home, self, car, property and Sanctum Garagium.  If you don’t want your goods to get grabbed, watch your back when you park the Aston (or whatever you roll) in the car hole, because with all the crime exploding across America, someone might be watching you.  The market is there for thieves - don’t be their meat.

There’s more: lost D-rings, lost hitches and lost F-35s, hacked ships and hacked warplanes (yikes?), pawn shops and battery slop, Teslas running over junk and unions running over members, JF Summit, illegal Canadia, the thumb on the scale, plus Fu Manchu, High on Fire, Sleep, Matt Pike and Dragonaut, Herbalizer, Alice in Chains and Die Krupps.

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