Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
09.10.11: Southern Fried Garage Hour, w/ Skynyrd's Innyrds, Off-Roading, Chuck Norris Jokes, P2K & the Tornado, San Diego Beer Week, Manzanita Brewing, Lifted Subies, the AWJunkies, Plus Zach Wylde VS James Hetfield

Epic early Garage Hour...  Everything from San Diego Beer Week and Manzanita Brewing's one-year birthday party to Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band Skynyrd's Innyrds lead Duncan Lancaster and lifted Subaru STis in the dirt - yuuuuuuup, we checked.  It's Hank Watson's Garage Hour.

Joining host Justin Fort in the Garage Hour studio (alongside East County joke machine Duncan Lancaster) are cohosting veterans Dirty Dave and Black Ryan.  The show's pointed chatter and debatery is sighted squarely at rock and/or roll, beer and/or booze, off-roading options, the All-Wheel Junkies, how to land a plane during a blackout and more San Diego power-outage humor (it's the best), and a little bit of love for our fans in Colorado.

Hell yes - have some.  It's the Garage Hour

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