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09.11.10: Classic! 9-11 Vigilance & Reflection, Moral Behavior, Drag Racing VWs, Desert & Off-Road Season, Trail Access, Lawnmowers, and Playing Football in the Cold; Now, with Informotage!

It's a reloaded Garage Hour from the good (bad) old days of gearhead radio, with a proper discussion of the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001, plus a little bit about the morality of those involved and how to spot the wrong side of the conflicting persons and pablum stacking up high on each side of the conversation.

Have no fear - this good gearhead radio, so sometime cohost Joe "Creature" Krause joins Dirty Dave and Black Ryan (before he got his nickname) for a sporty hour of off-roading, trail access, drag racing (and the challenge that is launching any sort of Beetle-based drag car), road and track runs that don't kill anyone, Hayabusa tire wear, Fine Firearm's grand opening in downtown La Mesa, CA, and a call-in from cohost Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) for a full report of the Testament/Slayer/Megadeth show that everyone else missed too...  Dammit.

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