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Do YOU know better than to put propane in your Tesla's tires?  Do YOU know Teslas need special gas that doesn't come from the gas station?  ...Then YOU might be smarter than the college laureates who could buy one but not own them.  College...

While we're at it: be nice to truckers (say it again, uh!), be wary of connecting your heater to your 'fridge to your A/C to your electricity (the internet of things or an appliance army marching towards your destruction?), and the story of a guy from New Jersey who was forced to crush his Cummins Dodge because it was for sale on Fakebook Marketface.  Yuuuuuup.  Don't say we didn't warn you (because we did, like, all the time ago).  Also, Karma to Burn, John Lee Hooker, Big Head Todd, Naked Funk, QOTSA, Skynyrd and the Allmans.

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