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When we’re not stripping bolts on Warn hubs and trans mounts, the gearhead goons have a good little bit of info for you on using the right fastener (and not the “it fits” rule employed by the Walkin’ Dude…).  There’s also news on robot-controlled semis being permitted on more roads (we’re about two steps from “Maximum Overdrive”, kids), the Goolag steering hapless Jeep owners off cliffs and creeks (buy a map), electric cars being powered by diesel (when unicorn farts are in short supply), and the wisdom of avoiding yuge chunks of Jersey barrier while commuting the company coche (because ashtray).

Then again:  wolves (not) in Colorado, wasted capital on fake green agendi, the Densh…. Denmarkers…. people of Daneland… giving up on environmentally friendly LEGOs, plus Goblin, Blur, Puny, Fatso, FNM, Mastodon, Faktor, Dekoder, Straits and AIC.

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