Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
09.21.13: Garage Hour Lite w/ The Bullet Points, Plus Volvette, the Coronado Classics, Sandwich Testing the AR-AK, Blackout Season in San Diego, Post-War Rifles, A Little Gun Racism & Feature Fear

Shortened Garage Hours suck, especially when it's a Garage Half-Hour.  Arizombies ate off 3/4 of the show this week, so Hostus Maximus Justin Fort has a hard time getting in to the thick of things The Bullet Points guys (Peter, Tyler and Bort) and Eryk from CalGuns.net.  What a shame, too - they were prepared for everything, including preparedness, rifles, bagels, batteries and bullets, as well as Volvette, chicken bakes, the funk exchange, and Hello Kitty AR-15s (hey, at least they're not black).

Next time.  As for this time, download the briefest Garage Hour ever, 'cause they broke the mold after this one.  Thank goodness.

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