Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Gearhead talk radio starts in the garage, and the Garage Hour goons got together in the Fletcher Hills compound to talk about their recent weeklong run to high-mountain Colorado.  Jeeps and leafs, Toyotas and tires, Silver Gulch, Imogene, Ouray and Ophir, plus trail-building and rotten weather, and you have a spectacular time on-trail: Dustin V2 and the Diesel Ayatollah join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to talk about it all.

The truck-guy party gets even better as brave neighbors come over for sips and bits and the pile of new truck parts in the garage from Total Chaos and BDS Suspension.  Add a few growlers of Helix Brewing's "Honor, Not Inner" (a fine chocolatey stout) and "CentenniAll" (a one-hop pale), and we're in business.

We ARE cars, trucks, beers and guns.

PS>  By the way, the second hour of the show was mistakenly deleted during mixing (seriously - more than eight years on-air, hundreds of episodes, and that's never happened).  We'll do it over, once we've had enough to drink.  Promise.

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