Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
09.25.10: Classic! Off-Road & Trail Chicanery @ Holy Jim & Corral Canyon, Toyota VS Jeep, Barfing Cohosts, Barfy Union Vote Rigging, Representative VS Politician, Punishing Rifles, Plus Coronado SpeedFest Promo

So much sturm und drang, so little lead...  The Garage Hour goons - including Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Charlie (My Other Brain) and Patrick from Fine Firearms La Mesa - set off on one of those episodes that came to define the Garage Hour:  tons of fun topics, somewhat arranged, intriguing, offensive, and never boring.

This one's got gearhead: Jeeps and Toyotas and Hummers and Nissans, off-roading at two choice SoCal pieces of dirt (Holy Jim and Corral Canyon), road racing at the Coronado Speed Festival, Hell's Angels (ball-peen, anyone?), drifers, hovercraft, and it's got lots of other good stuff: lumpia, rifles and tigers and bears, snowboarders, funemployment, union thuggery and vote rigging, Prodigy, common sense versus intelligence, bad politicians versus good representatives, and cohost Black Ryan versus cohost Creature.

Stop pretending you've got awesomesauce - it's right here.  Have some.

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