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10.01.11: Animals Attack the Garage Hour (Again)... Bears VS 'Jersey, Bear Tax VS Bear Patrol, Piranhas VS Tourists, Crocs VS Locals (Pet It With a Buick!), Plus Hydraulics VS Chinooks, Bender & the Beatles, & Hellfire VS al Awlaki (Take That!)

It's on those days when we're just gearheaded out that the Garage Hour goons take a stroll down Digression Lane.  This episode's chock full of those crazy stories you read about of bears beating up hikers, Iran beating up hikers, piranhas eating up tourists and crocodiles eating up the natives.  Then it's Hellfire-missiles for San Diego's favorite terrorist, Ospreys falling out of the sky (the plane, not the bird, though we suppose the birds do too), and how you can tell when a Chinook is out of hydraulic fluid - it stops leaking.

After that, there's more bears (always with the bears), plus Bender, the "Impson" family, the Beatles versus Eric Crapton (sorry, Clapton), a schtick about celebrities being eaten by bears, and a farewell to the kitchen-pooping celebrity bear of Tahoe, Bubba.  The bear dogs finally got him.

Cohosts Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Matt Walsh, of Matt Walsh Wood Floors, join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort to make this Garage Hour good.

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