Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

From the garage - the Garage Hour is all gearhead, all the time.  This one-man episode (we'll summon the cohosts shortly - too many are still overseas staring down Putin) visits with a little auto-detailing logic, powered by Mother's product and a truckload of elbow grease, then veers off into the importance of geeks and gearheads of all stripes being aware of when the faceless little man with the big eraser is eyeballing their freedom to shoot, drive, build, wire, fry, brew, chop, punch and practice.

There's always more in a garage - you know that - so tune in for beers and breweries we discovered in Colorado during recent off-road adventures, the importance of having a proper funtioning workbench (instead of a soggy old desk that can't take a hammering and won't support your vise), Super Duties and their messy, messy owners, and why your hobbies and freedoms are a bureacrat's leverage (ie, licensing your rights back to you).

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