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10.10.09 (MP3): Classic! Strafing B-25s + Doolittle Falsies, Robocop VS Detroit Unions, Ford VS Poncho VS Chrysler Burnouts, CamRon's Swine Flu VS Cohagen Raising the Price of Air, Dirty Dave VS the SEALS, Shine VS Lightning, & Metallica VS Kyuss

Sporty vintage Garage Hour reload - from Dirty Dave's creepy shoes and Grizzly Chris's Mogfest plans to which makes (Ford, Pontiac or Chrysler) do the best burnouts.  Like the inevitable gravy of which the Garage Hour is full of, we descend from there into the depths of strafing-only B-25s in the Pacific and how much real estate you plow up with ten forward-facing .50-cals, Robocop and his best bud Clarence Boddicker and how the unions did far worse to the city of Detroit than either one of these guys could on their worst day, and the wonderment that is the Bossco magnetic work light.

From there, it's 100% gearhead - shine versus lightning (either its corn or apple - you choose your poison).  Off-Road Expo.  Chopping the top your Miata at home for fun and pleasure.  Salmonella.  Party commuting in a tweeting bugeye WRX.  Nacho from Wisco and the price of air.  Dirty Dave challenging SEALs to a fight.  And if you like rock, we've got Metallica, Kyuss and the Blues Brothers in this one too.

If you want the high-res version of this episode, look for the same date without "MP3" in the title.

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