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10.11.14: Road-Racing & Crisis Prepping (Combo Episode!), 24 Hours of Lemons @ Thunderhill, Disaster Awareness, Celebrating Columbus Day and Stare at a Hybrid Month, P2K Safe & Membership Giveaway, & the DOT in your Car (Gettin' Tickets & Sh!t)

Can the Garage Hour goons pull off the ultimate two-faced episode? Two great gearhead topics - road-racing with the 24 Hours of Lemons gang at Thunderhil,l and a little bit of basic "prepping" so you won't need to fight with the low-information idiots at Wal-Mart over a can of Spam - can we do it?

We start with the racing - how can't we? - and the crapcan series nationally known as the 24 Hours of Lemons, and their latest rustastic assault on Thunderhill: everything from adventures in wiring, Civic fails (because of that wiring), rampant cheating and misadventure on and off-course, and how not to win.  Fast Guy and sometime cohost Cram Grebneseir then regales us with tales of his plan to LS1 a 3-Series BMW (cram, indeed), which we approve of wholeheartedly.

Sandwiched between tales of smoking wiring looms is an analysis of what you need to be prepared for a little bit of disaster if the low-information hordes manage to collapse society in your neighborhood - here and there - during the coming Year of the Idiot.  Because you're a Garage Hour listener, we expect you've got the firearms part of the equation figured out (likely overfigured, we bet), so our focus is on the bagels, the batteries and the Band-Aids.  You can handle the bullets.

Cram joins Hostus Maximus Nitsuj Trof and cohosts .45 Lihp and Ekim the Kcud in-studio as they also celebrate Columbus Day, National Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something is Wrong with Them Month, and every other holiday that gets in their way.

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