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10.13.12: Get In the Dirt! Off-Roading Basics, + Volvo People, Sasquatch & the Bilstein Boys, Creature's Thing, Bathurst & F1 (& F1's Bobbleheads), Guitars for Nick, Metallica VS Anthrax VS Megadeth VS Helmet VS Rammstein VS QOTSA VS COC

The Garage Hour goons try to make an episode of getting your driveway anchor ready for trail season - tires, maintenance, parts and such - and find themselves waylaid by jackassery and rock and roll, all of which conspire to make a good episode of gearhead talk radio even better.

It all begins so well - Bathurst and F1 dominate the early chatter, and then board-op Nick the Trick sidetracks Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohost/beardfan/Miata man Dirty Dave into a bunch of rock, roll, metal and some high-Q southern fried doom.

From that point, it's a delicious descent into sometime cohost Creature (and his Thing), Volvo people, cohost Mr. Dustin's failed call from the Formula D finals at Irwindale, shooting alligators, and why the Radio Shack in Blythe is so successful, but wait - lo and behold, the Garage Hour undigresses and actually gets the episode's topic back under control.  Huh!

Need to know a few basics for getting the Exploder/Taco/4Runner/S-10/Tahoe out of your driveway and on to the trail?  This episode can actually help, with pointers on where to start paying attention, how to find cheap fixes, what maintenance matters, and why we drink beer AFTER the run, not before.

This excellent episode ends where so many Garage Hours do - plans for a Sasquatch Run with the Bilstein Boys (as well as representatives from Off-Road.com, the San Diego Police Department, the US military, and some corporate big wigs who like to pretend they're not overfunded).

If you'd like a low-res version of this episode, look for the same show date with the "MP3" tag in the title.

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