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10.16.10: Classic! Bullitt's Charger VS George Washington's Challenger, 100MPG VS Plymouth Superbirds, Miatas, AWJunkies, Propane & Propane Accessories, Ken Block, BMWs, Plus Hikers in Iran & Hanoi Jane

Got to love the oldies!  Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan back up Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for this epic piece of ricocheting gearhead entertainment.

With everything from Frank Bullitt's Dodge Charger and George Washinton's Dodge Challenger, propane and propane accessories (got to explode something), hicks (just type "redneck" and any other word into YouTube for hours of viewing excitement), San Diego's All-Wheel Junkies (Subie, Evo and AWD guys unite!), Miatas, Superbirds, BMWs and 100mpg cars, to Ken Block's car-control ads, SoCal's crap roadways, La Mesa's sad comedy that is Mayor Art Madrid, anyone dumb enough to go hiking in Iran, and the great fail that is Hanoi Jane, THIS is geargead radio.  Get some.

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