Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
10.17.15 (MP3): Backcountry Range Day, w/ Second Amendment Awesome, Close-Quarter Fun & Touching Steel at 700yd, Plus More VW Diesel VS Electric & Bureaucratic BS, Truck-Use Goodness, Volvo People, Traffic Laws & Delicate Bicycle Wienerkids

Some Garage Hours are put together in breweries, others in garages, a few at gun stores, some more in the studio, but when was the last time you got to hear a broadcast from a covert black-ops and first-names-only three-letter training range in backcountry San Diego?  Yeah, try to contain your 2A jealousy.

The Garage Hour goons - with sometime cohorts and full-time shooters Matt Klier of Active Shooter Defense School (as well as ASDPink) and Smog Mike - made their way to this excellent spot in San Diego's remarkably rural backcountry for a day of tactical thinking, paramilitary designation, handgun drills and reaching out with the long guns.  Grab the podcast - Hostus Maximus Justin Fort needed something to do when he ran out of bullets - and have yourself some.

Fighting the distraction of endless range time and chats with the shooters that be, Justin also delves into a few ditties about ballistics (the little he knows), traffic and newbie drivers for fun and liability, bike lanes and the new victim status that is pedal power, local off-roading, lone-wolf terrorism's asymmetrical threat to America.  Then the lethal amigos track back to gearhead - VWs ongoing battle with the auto workers' union and the Kardashian administration, the wonder that is efficient diesel power (don't let the fools on the news trick you - VW's getting the Obama treatment), and why Volvo people are a different kind of people.

If you'd like a version of this podcast in M4A form, just search for the same date without "MP3" in the title.

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