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10.18.14: Mexican (Dude) Food @ San Diego, Commuting on Race Tires, Local Hillclimbing, Polymer AR Lowers, Shoe Goo, Plus Tex-Mex VS Cal-Mex & Bar VS Restaurant, and the Wonderment That is the California Burrito

If you like Mexican food and live in the Garage Hour's home city of San Diego (last bastion of sanity in the glorious People's Republic of California), then this Dude Food episode is right up your alley.  Mr. Dustin (Top Earner and retrosauce cohost) joins Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for the best (and not so awesome) Mexican joints, restaurants, drive-throughs and general munchie action in San Diego, plus a little bit of thought on Tex-Mex versus Cal-Mex, carne asada, the California Burrito, and the big question: is Taco Bell still Mexican food?

Of course, there's a truckload of the usual Garage Hour fun in this truncated episode too, like commuting on race tires (on-ramps need love too), hillclimbs in SoCal (race Palomar, anyone?), polymer AR lowers, the miracle that is Shoe Goo (fix those Copas) and National Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something's Wrong With Them Month (coming up in November).

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