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10.19.13: Zombie Apocalypse! The Garage Hour's Hysterical Guide to Zombie Attack, Strategy, Survival, Suppression, Weaponry, and Which Idiots Are Assigned to Operation Hipster Shield

Epic Garage Hour Alert: this is 50,000 watts of humanity's last hope, the third Zombie Apocalypse special, complete with the firepower, machinery, thought processes and personnel necessary to survive and dominate during the coming zombie apocalypse.  And yes, there will be blood. We promise.

The Garage Hour's very own Hostus Murderous Justin Fort is joined by Master Destructor .45 Phil, East County Gunlord Eryk from CalGuns.net, and Jesse "The Potty" Caverly (author and zombie expert) for almost two hours (it would have been longer if Arizombies hadn't tried to overrun the studio) of the best recipes and strategies for thwarting zombie attack.

San Diego's Last Hope (the Garage Hour goons) develop theories on fortification, firearms, flamethrowers and the brown note, and debate age-old zombie questions like who's better to have on your side, the Chicago Bears or the Chicago Police; and which regions of the US will survive and thrive during the zombie apocalypse (the Florida Panhandle, for instance) versus which will be reduced to shambling idiots in minutes (San Francisco).

This is one of the best - tune in immediately (while there's still time).


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