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10.22.11: Zombie Apocalypse #2 - Ten Dudes Debate the Zombie Apocalypse, Plus 100 More Ways to Thin the Horde

Uploaded by popular demand, it's the Garage Hour's second-ever Zombie Apocalypse special.    On this iteration of the famous zombie episode is a collection of the most important questions you'll need to ask when it's time to mow down hordes of brain-eatin' hipsters and growling neighbors: shotgun VS .45, flamethrower VS snowblower, BAR VS UZI, baseball bat VS three feet of rebar, Palin VS Clinton (either of 'em), and whether Al Gore will blame the Zombie Apocalypse on global warming.

We also delve into the list of top-10 celebrities we'd pay to see eaten by zombies, the zombie RISCI score (Regionally Interpreted Susvivavility/Conquest Index) of your hometown, and whether New York or San Francisco will be human-free first.

On-air was nothing short of a zombie-defense brain trust, the Human Preservation Think Tank - Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris, Black Ryan, Double-Mint Cameron, author Jesse "The Potty" Caverly, Matt Walsh of Matt Walsh Wood Floors and Skynyrd's Innyrds lead Duncan Lancaster.  Oh yeah, and B-58 Hostler Justin Fort, the apolcalypse's favorite wheelman this side of Mad Max.

This is epic Garage Hour - download it while you still can.


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