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10.24.15 (MP3): Pure Garage! Detailing Dirty Trucks, Microfiber VS Cotton, Dry VS Detail, Tire Goo VS Preservative, Mothers Powerball, Car Care Resources, + Frankenmower, Nacho & Sheriff Clark, STi VS Elise & How Politicians Cause Water Shortages

Instead of the usual everyone's here madness, it's time for a garage-pure one-on-one with Garage Hour Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.  Sure, he'll ramble and go on about road-racing and shooting raccoons, but between the segues there's a lot of great thinking about how to detail your filthy truck (and why it's always a great idea to make a clean truck dirty).

There are the resources: detailguide.comMothers.comOff-Road.com, and griotgarage.com.  There are the logics: what towels to use, what detailer works, which tire sprays help and which are a pain, plus sealing against corrosion (or corrosion because of it), changing towels, cotton and microfiber, why drying is different from detailing, how to clean and polish powdercoating, and the chemicals of instant detailer.  There are also the go-tos: Anderson Truck Trail, CA's dangerous ideologue politicians and how they cause water shortages, and pop-tops versus twist-offs (ouch).

Following the tales of detailing, there's the Frankenmower, schitzo iPod tracks, shooting raccoons, fuel pumps and fuel filters, potting plants with trail dirt, and tire grooving with Nachos from Wisconsin.

Music: Big John Bates, Type "O" Negative, Cream, Zep, the Rev.

Beer: Sea Dog's Blueberry Pale, Ballast Point's Grapefruit Sculpin, and Twisted Manzanita's Rustic Red.

Now, we demand you go make your truck dirty.  If' you'd like an M4A version of this show, just search the same date without the "MP3" tag.

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