Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
10.25.14: Mustangs, Movember & Manly Cancer Awareness Month! We Chat Beer, Batteries and Bullets, IT & Information Security, Plus Curvy Roads & Unphoning Yourself

With topics like potatoes, .45 ACP, Mustangs, mustaches, Manly Cancer Awareness Month (better known as Movember), ebola, preparedness and making musclecars dance, it's got to be another episode of the Garage Hour.  This was a semi-special show, because we finally got the guys from Movember and Stachepoint Education (deployed in San Diego for your beer and poker-lovin' pleasure) to join us to chat about the importance of dudes not being afraid to check with the doc about the condition of their brass now and again.  Also, get off the couch, Fatty.

Between details of Movember events in San Diego (including the November 1 Stache Bash - beer, barbecue and giveaways at Helm's Brewing) and tales of ales sipped, the Garage Hour goons do their gearhead 100%-ricochet best with topics ranging from bullets, batteries, a little bit of prepping (it is ebola season, after all) and the wonderment that is turning off your freakin' phone once in a while.

Infosec legend/newb cohost Rick McElroy joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in-studio and is already beggin' for a nickname, so this might be one of the better pieces of sheeeeow in Garage Hour history.  Download some. 

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