Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
10.26.13: Top Gear, Superstition Run, Cannonball Run, Escape from New York, Escape from Yuma, The Stand, Zombie Batman, Zombie Politicians, Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits and Volvos for Everyone!

A Garage Hour for all seasons:  Top Gear - props for the limey edition (Formula Off-Road on water and TVR headaches), the upcoming Superstition Run in San Diego's Chocolate Mountains, the Blue Angels, bill and disteering, shipping beer from coast to coast, new spirits coming from Manz's new distillery, making pumkin beer, a conversation about concealed carry and the balance of good versus evil, Captain Ron, Hal Needham, Steve McQueen, Anthrax, Stephen King, the Coast to Coast bridge, West Coast railroads, Goat Canyon Trestle, zombie stuff, Zombie Batman, jailbreaking phones, Bob Failner and the populist stoplight camera shutdown, off-road tire brands, crashy crashy south-of-the-border Tacos and rebar fixes, new political alignment, Brody's burgers and beer, and Volvos for everyone.

Hostus Maximus Justin Fort are joined in-studio by .45 Phil, Dirty Dave (Escaping from Yuma at the south end of a northbound studio) and Jeff Trevaskis of Manzanita Brewing - whoops, Twisted Manzanita - and an empty chair shout-out for missing Agent Aya (KGB), who was scared away by all the warfighters in the studio.


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