Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
10.29.11: Classic! Torchmate/Goodyear Ultra4 Competitor JT Taylor In-Studio, Building & Racing in Unlimited Buggies, King of Hammers, Fatso Jetson, Zombie Episode Flashback, Toyota & Jeep Stories, Plus Admiral Ackbar

Another great Garage Hour Reload: JT Taylor in-studio for an hour of off-road, race, tires, building, wrecking, winning, shooting and zombies, plus rock and roll groovemasters Fatso Jetson (plus the Deadbolt Report and Secret Samurai), how the Garage Hour has more listeners than Keith Olberman has viewers, how to say "booger" in Italian, and the awesomeness that is a used Toyota.

We get really far into the weeds with JT, talking suspension and setup for Ultra4-style buggies, as well as how he races is on ice, Pike's Peak, and every other track he can find, plus his OEM Goodyear MT/Rs and a good look at Torchmate and Lincoln Welder products.

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