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11.03.12: Gearhead Attack on CA Politics (w/ Richard Rider), Plus Optima Street Car Challenge, Diesel Swaps, Pretty Shooting, Ugly Reporters, Comrade Filner & Other Pinko Threats

YEEEARRRRGH!  So much information, so little filter.  Instead of displaying their collective ignorance (not really), the Garage Hour goons brought California political observer/wiseguy Richard Rider (Tax Fighter) into the studio to tell us what's what with the screwball systems that power the People's Republic of Kalifornia (which we heard humorously referred to as Kaliforniastan a few days ago) and keep the self-loating eat-all suicidal monster that is the capitol in Sacramento in business perpetuating itself. Richard also helps the show puzzle through some of the propositions that appeared on CA's 2012 ballot, and how the Sacramenticians work their hardest to make a mess of CA once-vaunted proposition system too.

Wow, sounds a little negative.  It was supposed to sound a lot...  On a positive, the gearheads also get a good chat going about diesel, the Optima Battery Street Car Challenge, 50-state crate motors from GM (hey, they're getting exactly that right), Mr. Dustin's Viper problem, and they take a few stabs at San Diego's mayoral race, which was as bad as you heard.

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