Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
11.06.10: Classic! Rednecks & Machine Guns, F4 Flyby (You're All Gonna Die), Happy Birthday @ Marines, Electronica, Old Rock & Die Krupps, Mr. Dustin's SEMA Report, Wreckage in Pro 5.0, & the GH's Official CA Voter WTF?

One of the most requested, replayed and reccoculous Garage Hours ever: our post-election freakout and firepower binge following the bipolar electoral results in 2010, where just about every state in the union went red but California... where we're based.  F!

With everything from President Pickle's transplant speech to the Marines' birthday (hooah!), from Colorado Garage Hour fans to the electoral wasteland headed by Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown and Gavin Newsbag, ultraphone cohost Nacho from the frozen wastes of Wisco and Mr. Dustin in the wilds of Nevada, plus drag racing Volvos, crashes in Pro 5.0, the tale of a hapless biker-killin' progressive politician named Fred "Clarkey" Clarke, and a lesson on shooting an M1919 from the hip, redneck-style.

Don't hate us because we're pretty.  Because we're not.  This is the Garage Hour - faces made for radio.  


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