Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Yummmm, segminty.

Good stuff:  The crap you bolt on your roof is a legitimate threat to your vehicle - wear and tear, fluid abuse and suspension decrepitation.  Serious gearhead Jay Leno is saved from reallllllly bad burns by friends in his garatch.  Carvana is choking on the reality of artificial pressures on capitalism ala Kung Flu.  European Union bureaucrats are still pretending they can drive a unicorn fart to work (or: Thatcher and Friedman are still right).

More good stuff: the pending prepping episode (and an upcoming Dude Food special), 10-year old Stagg chili and "expiration" dates, honey is also yummy (and good for what ails you), pork roast and a crock pot, and less "elite" but more "efite".

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