Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
11.16.16: Gearheads & Beerheads! Garage Hour Goons Talk Fine Sips @ Burning Beard w/ Rock & Roll, Grunge, Prog Rock, Folk Punk VS Folk Metal, Rifle Building, Kalifornistan Fails, Christmas Movies, + Video Game Brewing Hijinks & the OJ Bronco

Ahhhh, so yum.  The Garage Hour trips out of its home base at Helix Brewing in La Mesa, KA, to visit with another Circle of Hops brewer of note, Burning Beard.  'Beard primaries Jeff "Get a Haircut" Weideker and Mike "Tape Deck" Maass join Chef Jeff and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for an hour of beers, music, guns, and something about the Titanic and World War 1.  Because gearhead.

Bear with: we're just getting going.  From a broad sampling of sips from the 'Beard's taps, the beerfans at the Garage Hour steer Jeff and Mike into a chat about good holiday beers, the importance of keeping true to a recipe, why Ms. Pac-Man is a hazard to brewers worldwide, and how to avoid lumbersexuals ruining your sideburns.

There's also a fine pile of audio review as only the Garage Hour can provide: from Alice in Chains to Mastodon, ELP to the Edgar Winters Group ("Die, you chalk-faced goons!"), Kurt Cobain, Gogol Bordello and King Crimson, plus Tool and Kashmir covers, we've got it.  Finally, after the guns, A.S.D.S., cohost Matt Killer and more props to Helix Brewing, the guys and gals get down to what matters most: the movies we watch on Christmas Day.

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