Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
11.21.09 (MP3): Classic! Motorcycles & Dude Food? Bikers VS SoCal Traffic, Crashing V-Maxes & the Low-Side Slide, Leather & Mopeds, Dump Exhaust & Creepy Holiday Cartoons, Luau-Style Turkey, Peppers & Onion Carne, Homepies, + KMFDM & Deadbolt

Good food and bad motorcycles accidents, plus trucks and cars and shooting holes in things: it must be the Garage Hour.

Skully and low-brow artist Dave Lozeau joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio for this pre-holiday festival of gearhead supersauce, and Yes, there were mopeds: how to jump them, how to fix them, how to swallow your pride and look cool despite the fact that they'll always be silly.

Speaking of our world-famous Dude Food experiments in manly dining, the Garage Hour goons get into the weeds with carne asada, flap steak, fajitas, luau-style turkeys cooked in-ground, and the cohosts describe making peppers & onions carne and the world-infamous homepie (what's basically cooking on a caveman version of the Foreman Grill).

As we promised, though, there's a flatbed full of motorcycle and moped chatter in this episode.  V-Maxes are dropped, mopeds parked in hedges, Triumphs not ridden to Harley cruises, cool biker leather jackets and Jesse James versus Robert Ford.

On top of the two-wheel talk, the host also gets after some auto-business news and makes another powerful (and powerfully accurate) Garage Hour prediction: following Chrysler's gift to the FIAT unionists in Europe by President Badidea Obama, in only a few years, Jeeps will be sold with FIAT underpinningsā€¦  Surprise!  It's already come true.

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