Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Some times you feel like a nut (such as after an episode of the Garage Hour), and some times the recording software miscodecs a segment and you have to redrop the file raw.  Whoops.  So!  …Here’s the lost November episode of the show the gearhead goons warned you about - chock full of the goodness you demand - so at least there’s that:  making freeways fun (especially in an uncorked 5.0), the Mr. Dustin Report (Miatas and dollars and go-fast habits), the UPS chick getting truckjacked (and another lady losing a bag of space tools because it wasn’t from Louis Vitton - in space!), Fisker preplans its flight from Kalifornistan, Tesla versus Toyota versus the same failing bureaucleptocracy, more guns for everyone (1 mill just last month), fewer rules from the ATF (Dems can’t buy a law, let alone a vowel), and an orthodontist in North Carolina who’s giving away Glocks (because why not?).

There’s always more: cops have a tough job so be nice (especially in NY), fun fuzzy music from the ‘70s, why we all should want more forest fires and CO2, hunting two-headed whitetails in Canadia, and who needs enemies when you have family?

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