Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Yeah, yeah, it’s been too long.  …Usual Christmastime to-do list is kicking everyone’s ass.  Thankfully, Caleb from EAS in the ‘Springs kicked Hostus Maximus Justin and Gearhead Celebutant Mark’s collective asses back into the studio (over sips at Bristol Brewery), because the Garage Hour is too much candy not to have some.  Gearhead location experimentation ensued, fueled by Axe & Oak’s Pike’s Peak Hillclimb whiskey, 9mm and .22 Magnum, visits from Charlie (who actually commanded an Abrams tank), plus movies Caleb’s got to watch (or he’ll die).

What’s more to like:  the F1 parade and ear-plugging weenies, tank movies, Saturday night coolers and van parties, a Glock 43 and an S&W with a billion rounds in the mag, plus Frank Rizzo, Saul Rosenberg and the Egyptian Magician.

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